Club Rewards

Join the club. Maintain a privileged relationship with Gruppo Gamma.
In addition to being informed of new arrivals, promotions and other exciting news, you'll be enrolled in our generous rewards programme, to earn points and claim gifts and discounts.

Earning Points

Earn 1 point per US dollar or equivalent spent, excluding shipping, at this store.
You can also earn points by leaving product reviews, sharing about our brand on social media, successfully referring friends, and so on.

Checking Points Status

To view your profile, click on the 'Rewards' icon at the bottom right of this page, then click on the menu within the pop-up window.

Using Your Points

Use your points to claim gifts, discounts on rewards catalogue items, or general discount coupons.

As a quick reward, you can also choose to "pay with points" i.e. offset your purchase with your points during checkout, at 100 points per US dollar.
To find out how much your points are worth, click on the wallet icon located at the bottom right.

Points Expiry

With effect from 2024, all redeemable points will expire on the first day of each calendar year.

Redeeming & Using Discount Coupons​

Discount coupons can be used for purchases only at this store, and only one coupon can be used for each purchase.
Coupons may not apply to preorders or discounted items.

If you've redeemed discount coupons for future use, make a note of the coupon codes. We won't be able to retrieve them for you.

Other Points to Note​​

As the rewards programme was introduced in 2018, purchases made before 2018 are not eligible.

Use a single account (with the same email address) for all your purchases. Points from different accounts can't be consolidated.

Your account may be de-activated if it has zero balance and been inactive for some time. If this happens, you can re-activate your account at any time.
Earning and redemption history will be erased each time the account is de-activated.