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Peacemaker PN-20 (Preorder)
Michal Slot

Peacemaker PN-20 (Preorder)

Gruppo Gamma always delivers!

I’ve bought a lot of watches directly from the maker or authorized dealer. My experience upon receiving and checking it out is typically a mixed bag - things I love, like and some “nits”. Some go overboard on expensive packaging just ends up in storage, the leather straps are almost always a disappointment - short, cheap, etc.

I’ve never been disappointed with Gruppo Gamma Time Instruments. The packaging is just right - relatively inexpensive but effective. When I open it, the watch always sings to me! I get to choose the strap(s) I want, and even better, they are supple and actually fit me!! For those with a see through case like my PN-20, there is nothing like turning the watch over, winding it and seeing the movement come to life! Of course , the very best part is putting it on my wrist!

Peacemaker PN-20
Giulio Boggian

Beautiful look and elegant classy appearance. In blue perfectly match any outfit.

I love this watch. The color, the bronze, the small seconds, the no-date dial, the hand-wind movement … it’s perfect. I even like the rubber strap, although I have a tan leather on the way from HDStraps. My only complaint is the springbars. I like quick-release bars, but GG uses a bespoke springbar so QR bars are out. The watch came with a spare set of bars, so it’s off to my jeweler. This is my second GG and I’ll probably get another down the road. They make a great timepiece.

Bill Schiffmann
Lago Vista TX

Peacemaker PN-08
M. Miller
Fantastic watch!

I love this watch, fantastic execution on this piece. I have 40-50 watches in my collection ranging from $100 to well over $5000 and ever since I got this I haven't wore anything else. I am really looking forward to getting another at some point.

High Quality Strap

Great leather strap, perfect for the Peacemaker. Very nice quality.

Peacemaker PN-20
Matthew R
Fantastic Watch

Great looking watch, superior quality, overall fantastic value and just a great watch!

Peacemaker PN-20
Prasert M.
Peachmaker pn 20

Movement is good. Design is luxury. Price is reasonable.

Really love it.

If admin can reply any inquiry within 24 hours, it will be appreciated. Reply within 3 days is too late if compare with the other brands or other website. Overall is good.

Peacemaker PN-20 (Preorder)

Beautiful watch, excellent finishing and quality.

Peacemaker PN-20
Matthew Doolan
Great purchase

The finish, design and fit on the wrist all make this an easy 5*

Quality and looks

The quality of this timepiece exceeds my expectations. Nice design, hefty for bigger wrists. Also beautiful blue fume dial and bronze case work well together.

Quality of this timepiece exceeds my expectations.

Venturo Field III, Black
F as in Florida
Accurate watch with a simple, no BS dial

This is my second Gruppo Gamma watch. This Venturo Field III was purchased last week, and upon arrival, I was really impressed with the clean, symmetric dial. BGW9 did not disappoint, and was useful throughout the night. I shave it now on a black Marine Nationale style elastic strap, because I find those more comfortable for extended use. The drilled lugs makes it very easy to swap out straps too, if you want to match to your clothing, but black seems to go well with everything anyway. As for the accuracy - it may have taken a sharp jolt during shipment from Singapore, though, as I noticed that the beat error was at 0.8 upon arrival. After regulation, though, the watch has been keeping time better than expected. It is at under +6 spd, which is phenomenal for an NH38A movement, and I am hoping it will hold up. I am a happy customer.

Peacemaker PN-20
Erik Andersson

Really nicely finished awesome watch.

Fits my wrist 17.5cm as it was part of it.

Great Looking, Quality Watch

Very happy with the Venturo watch - very nice quality, very nice looking, and great value. Also, was shipped ultra fast - received it in 2 days. Thank you!

Love it.. 💙🩵💙

Goes well on the Venturo Field Watch III

Peacemaker PN-19
Thomas Heimann

Absolute positive surprised about this exciting watch! Top quality with an fair price. Perfect communication with Gruppo Gamma. Extremly fast delivery from Singapur to Germany! Top 110%

Peacemaker PN-07
Stavros Bilis

Hi everyone!!My new Peacemaker PN-07 arrived and it's Absolutely beautiful ❤️ Many many thanks to Naoki for the amazing work...until next time...

Peacemaker PN-07
Hermoso reloj

Pense que por su tamaño era un poco grande, pero al usarlo es del tamaño perfecto. Un volor bronce precioso que sin ezposición al agua ha desarrollado una linda patina. Un lumen inigualable. Hermosa pieza. Es el segundo reloj que tengo el anterior es un Venturo GMT, me gustaría que desarrollarán más modelos.

First strap that fits

Amazing quality, exactly what I wanted, for years I've had to order bespoke straps, impressed with the speed of delivery.
I'll be buying a bronze peacemaker soon!!

Venturo x IMPERFECT Skindiver
Andrew Taylor
Venturo Imperfect skindiver

Seamless delivery, fabulous watch, I think one of the last for this model. Thanks

Awesome watch. Well made, excellent fit and finish. Perfect size for my wrist. Won’t be my last purchase from GG. Highly recommended.

good size. or could be 2 mm. larger diameter.
workmanship is very good. lume under the sandwich dial is some of the best i have seen.

Mk I Vanguard AV-00
Ben Stewart
Great feel & look

This watch is like a mini Panerai and it fits and feels more comfortable than most of my watches. The Lum is powerful and am really satisfied with my purchase.

Peacemaker PN-07
Allan McMonagle
Beautiful Bronze Diver

Arrived quickly - beautiful sandwich dial and impressive lume for night time
drilled lugs for easy strap changes. I did six dives with it at Grand Cayman - functioned perfectly and the saltwater accelerated the patina
Very happy with the style and quality