Collection: Vanguard

Our longest-running collection that was first introduced in 2014, the Vanguard is retro-inspired but infused with contemporary touches - a re-imagination of what the dive watches used by frogmen in the '40s could have evolved into. 

The Vanguard's raison d'être is to be the ultimate tool watch. The timepiece stands out with its strong afterglow, using Swiss Super-LumiNova of the highest grade that provides darkness visibility like no other. Italian leather straps are fitted as standard issue, although being one of the most versatile "strap eaters" the Vanguard is likely to see many strap changes once it's in your collection.


Introducing the Mk I Vanguard

In 2021 we decided to surface the Mk I Vanguard, an old-school, retro-inspired interpretation that's based heavily on the same early design that spawned the Peacemaker. This design in fact preceded those of the Vanguard models that we've been rolling out since 2014; it was a design that we decided not to put into production at the time.

The Mk I Vanguard collection is entirely powered by Swiss mechanical movements. ETA is the largest Swiss movement manufacturer in the world and access to its movements by independent brands is very limited if at all possible, but we were able to acquire these movements in small quantities and these have found their way into our Mk I Vanguard.