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To enjoy rewards you need to maintain an account at our official online store (this website), and you need to be signed in.
Remember to sign in with the same email address for all your purchases.
If you use different email addresses, your earned points will reside in different accounts and can't be consolidated.

Viewing, Earning & Using Points

Earn 1 point per US dollar or equivalent spent at our online store.
To view your profile, account balance and transaction history, click on the 'Club Rewards' tab on the right side.
You can also earn points by e.g. sharing about our brand on social media, or successfully referring a customer.
To earn points or claim rewards, click on 'Earn', 'Referral' or 'Claim' where appropriate.

Redeeming & Using Discount Vouchers​

Discount vouchers can be used for purchases only at our online store, and only one voucher can be used for each purchase.
Vouchers may not be used on preorders or other discounted items.

Other Points to Note​​

By signing up for our rewards programme you agree to be kept informed of new developments via our email newsletters.
To avoid missing out on important updates, check that our emails aren't marked as junk mail.
Points can be used to redeem rewards 14 days after they're earned.
As the rewards programme was introduced in 2018, purchases made before 2018 are not eligible.
Inactive accounts with zero balance may be de-activated.
Members can re-activate their accounts at any time.