Collection: Tropical Rubber 22mm

Dive watches were all the rage in the 1960s when recreational diving gained popularity. The watches were worn with either bracelets or rubber straps, and the latter had the advantages of being lighter, more comfortable and easier to wear and adjust.

Gruppo Gamma's "Tropical" rubber strap follows the style of vintage tropic straps with basketweave grain and spined edges. It is, however, much more comfortable and durable thanks to the use of premium materials and modern production techniques. The strap is much softer and more pliable than PU rubber, and unlike silicone doesn't attract dust easily. It's also highly resistant to salt water, chemicals, UV rays and extreme temperatures. Premium material, perforated design and embossed underside work together to ensure the best comfort possible, making it an ideal strap for sports and recreation, including sea sports.

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