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Gruppo Gamma Vanguard Retro

Ever wanted to lay your hands on Gruppo Gamma's earliest tool watch designs? Now's the time.

The Vanguard is our longest-running collection and it has, over the years, evolved into the distinct design that it is today. In 2021 we decided to introduce the Vanguard Retro, a more retro-inspired interpretation of the Vanguard and one that's based heavily on the same early design that spawned the Peacemaker.

In other words, think of the Vanguard Retro as a retrospective version of today's Vanguard, and a more tool-like interpretation of the Peacemaker; a collection that underscores Gruppo Gamma's origins and enables the appreciation of our brand in its entirety.

The Vanguard Retro stands out with its strong afterglow, using Swiss Super-LumiNova of the highest grade that provides darkness visibility like no other. Even the caseback is equipped to glow, to showcase our signature caseback flange. The use of premium materials extends to the Italian leather straps as well, although being a very versatile "strap-eater" the Vanguard Retro is likely to feed your strap addiction.

The timepieces are powered primarily by mechanical movements from ETA, the largest Swiss movement manufacturer in the world. Access to ETA movements by independent brands is very limited if at all possible, but we're able to acquire these movements in small quantities and back it up with strong technical expertise. Some of our special models use movements from Sellita, also a Swiss company, to implement complications not possible with ETA.

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